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What Happens When You Call?

First, we want to know what your needs and goals are. Our first concern is always to guide you through the liquidation process, as smoothly as possible, while focusing on how to create the best case scenario for yourself or your family. If our business model is not what is best, we will gladly suggest different outlets that might be more suitable. 

When you call, we'll want to know the general location of the home and a brief description of the estate.  We'll also need to know more about the time frame in which you need to have the estate liquidated.

From that information we can determine which outlets would bring your the most return for these items. We offer estate sale services, bulk liquidation purchases, consignment, as well as other outlets, such as local dealers, and private collectors.

It's necessary that we see the items you need to sell, the logistics of the setting, and what will be involved in organizing, displaying and marketing your estate items. At that time, we will share our pricing, policies, and procedures with you, as these are all clearly explained in our contract. Alacrity operates on a commission basis which is assessed on an "estate value/labor investment ratio". Our visit to the residence will tell us what that percentage will be.  There is absolutely no obligation or charge for this estate review and we never ask for any money up front.

Our services are based off commission only. There are never any hidden fees or charges. We can customize most anything to fit your liquidation needs. 

Often, estate sales are time sensitive and need to be handled in a quick manor. We will always to our best to facilitate a fast response to your request set up a meeting that is consistent with your estate liquidation needs.

We are "hands on" owners and are responsible for the success of your sale.  Therefore, we are always present during the set up and during the sale. 

During the process of the estate sale:

  • Our team of experts will organize, arrange, and prepare the items that are to be sold.
  • We use our knowledge of the "local market value", online tools, and research to establish price points.
  • Marketing of the items will be done in a variety of ways, including,, craigslist, facebook, and other social media outlets.
  • The sale will be conducted by a team, which monitors the sale items and provides assistance to buyers.

In an effort to bring the highest level of transparency to our sales and the industry, we would like to announce our new Point of Sale System and Automated Sales Reports! Each client will recieve a detailed report that is generated automatically. These reports record every cent that passes through the cash register. We also have the ability to barcode and scan estate sale items, in order to provide detailed itemization reports, when needed. 

After the sale:

  • The property will be left "swept" clean and any remaining items can be boxed for donation or left per your instructions.
  • You will receive a receipt of services including a breakdown of gross sales, commission, and net proceeds, along with a check with in 72 business hours of the conclusion on the sale, unless otherwise discussed.

If it appears that your estate is a good match for Alacrity Estate Services and you decide to utilize our services, we'll provide you with a written contract, we'll get you on our calendar, and we'll get busy marketing your items.

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