noun: alacrity

brisk and cheerful readiness.
"she accepted the invitation with alacrity"

synonyms: eagerness, willingness, readiness;
enthusiasm, ardor, avidity, fervor, keenness;
promptness, haste, swiftness, dispatch, speed
"we want to move with alacrity, and put a stop to improper conduct while it’s still going on"

Origin: late Middle English: from Latin alacritas, from alacer ‘brisk.’

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Simple answer: We love estate sales and helping people. 

Long answer: We love well run and organized estate sales and saw the need for a company that focuses on delivering  maximized profits. Estate sales have the ability to generate needed cash, clear a property of personal belongings, and take an incredible amount of work out of the clients hands - all with no out-of-pocket costs. Our clients see this as a huge asset when faced with the challenges of clearing a property full of furniture and other household items. Many people find that it is a huge task to pack and move an entire household of accumulated items. It is more cost effective to have an estate sale company come in and do the work for you, all while raising money, and clearing the property of its contents. 

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